EHall Pass offers a variety of benefits to educational institutions and their staff, students, and parents. It simplifies the process of tracking students’ movements throughout the school, enhancing accountability and improving safety measures.

The contactless feature of EhallPass allows students to check in and check out using QR codes, which can prevent the spread of germs, especially during a pandemic. The customizable settings for notifications and pass preferences provide flexibility and allow users to tailor their experience to their specific needs.

EHallPass provides an easy-to-use pass request and approval system that can reduce interruptions for teachers and encourage students to manage their time effectively.

ehallpass features

Additionally, the app’s past history and audit trail features provide transparency and accountability, which can aid in conflict resolution and deter inappropriate behavior. The cleaning and sanitization management feature helps to maintain a hygienic environment in the school, reducing the risk of the spread of infectious diseases.

Overall, EhallPass helps schools to streamline their operations, enhance safety and accountability, and improve the overall school experience for everyone involved.

Benefits Offered By EhallPass

Supports social distancing during the pandemic:

Ehallpass helps schools and educational institutions manage their operations during the COVID-19 pandemic by supporting social distancing measures. With contactless check-in/check-out using QR codes and the ability to manage hall passes digitally, students and staff can move around the campus more safely and efficiently.

Ensures safety at work:

Ehallpass ensures safety at work by providing a centralized platform for managing passes and tracking student and staff movements. This can help schools keep track of who is on campus at any given time, improving safety and accountability.

Provides appointment cards to manage student/staff movements:

Ehallpass provides appointment cards that can be used to manage student and staff movements around the campus. This feature can help schools and institutions maintain order and control, reducing the risk of overcrowding and ensuring social distancing.

Helps fight vaping and vandalism by tracking students:

Ehallpass can help schools fight against vaping and vandalism by tracking student movements around the campus. With real-time updates and analytics, schools can identify trends and patterns in student behaviour, allowing them to take appropriate measures to address these issues.

Provides a digital solution to manage hall passes and eliminate paper passes:

Ehallpass provides a digital solution for managing hall passes, eliminating the need for paper passes. This can help reduce waste and improve efficiency, making it easier for teachers and staff to manage student movements around the campus. Additionally, the digital platform is more secure than paper passes, reducing the risk of fraud and misuse.
Streamlines the hall pass process and reduces interruptions for teachers:

Ehallpass streamlines the process of managing hall passes by allowing teachers to approve and manage them directly from their mobile devices. This eliminates the need for paper passes, reducing interruptions and making it easier for teachers to manage their time effectively.

Offers contactless check-in/check-out for a touchless experience:

Ehallpass offers contactless check-in/check-out using QR codes, reducing the need for physical contact and promoting a touchless experience. This is particularly important during the pandemic when social distancing is necessary.

Provides real-time updates on pass requests and schedules:

Ehallpass provides real-time updates on pass requests and schedules, allowing teachers to stay informed about student movements and schedules. This ensures that teachers are aware of any changes to student schedules and can manage their time effectively.

Offers customizable pass settings for individual preferences:

Ehallpass offers customizable pass settings, allowing users to tailor the system to their individual preferences. This includes settings for notifications, pass preferences, and more.

Improves school safety and accountability by tracking pass usage:

Ehallpass improves school safety and accountability by tracking pass usage. This allows administrators to monitor student behavior and identify potential safety concerns.

Provides data analytics and reporting to monitor pass usage and identify trends:

Ehallpass provides data analytics and reporting tools to monitor pass usage and identify trends. This helps administrators make data-driven decisions to improve school safety and efficiency.

Helps manage inventory limits for restricted areas and resources:

Ehallpass helps manage inventory limits for restricted areas and resources by tracking student movements and ensuring that access is limited to authorized individuals only.

Offers cleaning and sanitization management features:

Ehallpass offers cleaning and sanitization management features, allowing administrators to manage cleaning schedules and ensure that high-traffic areas are regularly cleaned and sanitized.

Provides customizable user roles and permissions to manage access to the system:

Ehallpass provides customizable user roles and permissions to manage access to the system. This allows administrators to control who has access to the system and what level of access they have.