Details about EhallPass Free Pilot

EHallpass is a digital hall pass management system that helps schools manage student and staff movements while ensuring safety and accountability. The platform offers a free pilot program for schools to test out the system and see if it is a good fit for their needs.

ehallpass free pilots

Pricing Information of e hall pass

Ehallpass offers a range of pricing plans that cater to the specific needs of different schools. The pricing plans are designed to provide schools with a cost-effective solution that meets their unique requirements. The following is an overview of the pricing plans offered by Ehallpass:

  1. Basic Plan: The basic plan is ideal for small schools with limited requirements. The plan includes basic features such as customizable hall pass templates, real-time updates, and reporting tools. The basic plan is available at a reasonable monthly fee.
  2. Premium Plan: The premium plan includes all the features of the basic plan plus additional features such as custom roles and permissions, cleaning and sanitization management, and inventory tracking. The premium plan is ideal for medium-sized schools and is available at a higher monthly fee.
  3. Enterprise Plan: The enterprise plan is designed for large schools with complex requirements. The plan includes all the features of the premium plan plus advanced features such as integrations with other school systems, data analytics, and customized reporting tools. The enterprise plan is available at a higher monthly fee.

Schools can choose the pricing plan that best suits their needs based on the number of students, the size of the school, and the specific features they require. Schools can also request a customized plan if they have unique requirements that are not covered by the standard plans.

In addition to the monthly subscription fees, schools may also incur additional costs for customization or integrations. Schools can contact Ehallpass sales for pricing inquiries and to discuss any additional costs that may apply.

Overall, Ehallpass offers competitive pricing plans that provide schools with a cost-effective solution for managing hall passes and improving school safety and accountability.

Eligibility criteria for schools to use the free pilot:

To be eligible for the free pilot program, schools must have a minimum of 100 students or staff members who will be using the system. Additionally, the school must be located within the United States or Canada


Is Ehallpass Free to Use for Schools?

The Ehallpass free pilot program allows schools to use the platform for a limited time without having to pay any fees. This program provides schools with a chance to try out the system and evaluate its features before making a long-term commitment.

How long is the free pilot available for schools?

The free pilot program is available for a period of 30 days. During this time, schools can test the system and determine if it meets their needs.

What features are included in the free pilot program?

The free pilot program includes all of the features available in the Ehallpass system, such as real-time updates on pass requests and schedules, contactless check-in/check-out, data analytics and reporting, and customizable pass settings.

Are there any limitations to using the free pilot program?

Schools using the free pilot program will have access to all of the features of the system, but the number of users may be limited. Additionally, customer support for the free pilot program may be limited compared to paid plans.

How schools can sign up for the free pilot of ehall pass?

Schools can sign up for the free pilot program by visiting the Ehallpass website and filling out a form with their school information. A representative from Ehallpass will then contact the school to provide further instructions.