Hampton High School Innovates Electro Hall-Pass

In a proactive move towards promoting positivity and accountability among students, Hampton High School has embraced innovative technology to revolutionize its hall monitoring system. Assistant Principal Joshua Cable highlighted the school’s commitment to fostering positive teacher-student interactions while maintaining accountability during hallway transitions.

The adoption of EHall Pass, an electronic hall monitoring application, marks a departure from traditional clipboard-based practices. Principal Marguerite Imbarlina explained how the cumbersome process of signing out passes has been streamlined, with students now able to request permissions through their school-issued devices. Teachers have the flexibility to grant permissions manually or automate responses, eliminating the need for constant monitoring and allowing for more positive engagements when necessary.

Superintendent Michael Loughead underscored the inherent benefits of the system, emphasizing its ability to promote accountability without resorting to negative interactions. The system compiles data on student movements, providing insights into hallway occupancy and facilitating efficient management of common areas within the school.

In addition to implementing EHallPass, Hampton High School has introduced a Positive Behavior Intervention Support Program for the 2023-24 academic year. Assistant Principal Cable highlighted the success of initiatives such as providing cellphone caddies in classrooms to minimize distractions, noting a surprising acceptance among students. Principal Imbarlina emphasized the importance of teaching students responsible cellphone usage while fostering social interaction within the classroom.

One notable outcome of these initiatives has been a significant reduction in cellphone-related infractions, with Assistant Principal Sebestyen reporting an 80% decrease in write-ups compared to the previous academic year. Overall accountability has also seen a marked improvement, with 95% of students avoiding disciplinary actions.

Feedback from faculty regarding EHallPass has been overwhelmingly positive, with 92% of high school teachers utilizing the application by the end of the calendar year. The majority of teachers expressed satisfaction with the system, citing its effectiveness and convenience compared to traditional paper-based methods.

Principal Imbarlina emphasized the potential of electronic hall monitoring to facilitate advanced scheduling, allowing students to coordinate academic activities seamlessly. The school administration intends to continue piloting EHallPass through the remainder of the school year, with plans to formally adopt the application for the upcoming academic year, further solidifying Hampton High School’s commitment to fostering a positive and accountable learning environment.