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As schools strive to maintain an organized and secure environment, managing student movement during school hours becomes crucial. Traditional hall passes have evolved into digital solutions like eHallPass, now known as Securly, to streamline this process. This article explores the various types of hall passes managed by e Hall Passes, highlighting their purposes and the factors influencing their usage.

Common Types of Hall Passes Managed by eHallPass

Study Hall Pass

The Study Hall Pass is designed for students who need to visit specific locations, such as the library, during their study hall period. Schools can set limits on the number of students allowed to use this pass simultaneously. Typically, the study hall teacher and the destination supervisor, like a librarian, must approve these passes. This ensures students utilize their study hall time effectively and that the destination does not become overcrowded.

Quick Visit Pass

The Quick Visit Pass caters to students needing to make short trips for tasks like picking up a book, retrieving a document, or seeking academic assistance. These passes usually have a duration limit of 5-10 minutes to ensure students return promptly to their classrooms. The approval process involves initial approval from the current teacher and acknowledgment by the receiving teacher or staff. This pass type is ideal for minimizing classroom disruption while allowing students to fulfill immediate needs.

Lunch Pass
Lunch Passes are specifically designed for students who need to visit designated areas, like the library, during their lunch breaks. These passes are limited in number to avoid overcrowding and ensure students return to their lunch period promptly. Approval is required from both the lunch supervisor and the destination staff, maintaining a clear record of student locations and movements during lunchtime.

Bathroom Pass

The Bathroom Pass is one of the most frequently used types. It allows students to use the restroom during class time. Schools can limit the number of students out at once and set a time limit for each trip. The system automatically logs the time a student spends out of the classroom, providing teachers and administrators with a clear record of student movements.

Nurse Pass

For students needing to visit the school nurse, the Nurse Pass is essential. This pass requires teacher approval, and the nurse is notified of the student’s arrival. It tracks the duration of the visit for health and safety monitoring. This pass ensures that students receive timely medical attention and that their health-related absences from class are well-documented.

Water Fountain Pass

The Water Fountain Pass is intended for brief trips to get water. These passes typically have very short time limits and require quick approval to minimize classroom disruption. They are straightforward yet essential for maintaining student well-being and hydration.

Advanced Pass Types and Customizations

Guidance Counselor Pass

The Guidance Counselor Pass facilitates both planned and spur-of-the-moment visits to the school counselor. This pass necessitates approval from the classroom teacher as well as the counselor, ensuring proper management of student movement. This system is pivotal for efficiently handling students seeking emotional or academic support, making sure they receive the necessary guidance without undue delays

Office Pass

Office Passes cater to trips to the school office for administrative needs. These can be customized for various purposes, such as disciplinary meetings or paperwork. This pass ensures that students have the necessary authorization to leave class for important administrative tasks.

Tutor/Extra Help Pass

The Tutor/Extra Help Pass allows students to visit designated areas for additional academic support. This pass requires coordination between classroom teachers and tutoring staff. It can include pre-scheduled times or on-demand requests, helping students get the help they need to succeed academically.

Special Event Pass

Special Event Passes are used for attending assemblies, special classes, or school events. They are tailored to specific events with set start and end times and require approval from event organizers and classroom teachers. This pass type helps manage large groups of students attending special events without causing classroom disruptions.

Factors Influencing Pass Usage

  • Time of Day: Certain passes may have restricted usage times to avoid peak periods.
  • Student Behavior: Custom restrictions based on individual student behavior and needs.
  • Emergency Protocols: Special passes for emergency situations, allowing immediate student movement.

Implementation and Best Practices

Training for Staff and Students

Educating both staff and students on how to use eHallPass effectively is crucial. Comprehensive training ensures everyone understands the process and can use the system efficiently.

Regular Monitoring and Auditing

Regularly monitoring and auditing the use of eHallPass helps ensure compliance and identify patterns or issues in pass usage. This practice helps maintain the system’s integrity and effectiveness.

Feedback and Improvement

Gathering user feedback is critical for the continuous enhancement of the eHallPass system. Schools should actively seek input from both staff and students to identify areas for improvement and to adapt the system to better meet their needs. This ongoing process ensures the system remains effective and user-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can students request passes without teacher approval?

No, all passes typically require teacher approval to ensure proper tracking and authorization.

What happens if a student needs an urgent pass and the system is down?

Schools should have a backup plan, such as paper passes, to handle urgent needs during system outages.

How are privacy concerns handled with eHallPass?

eHallPass systems are designed to comply with privacy regulations, ensuring student data is securely managed and only accessible to authorized personnel.

Can parents monitor their child’s pass usage?

Some schools may offer parent portals where parents can view their child’s pass history and current usage

Are there any costs associated with implementing

eHallPass? Yes, schools need to consider the subscription costs and potential training expenses when implementing eHallPass.

How can schools customize pass limits and types?

School administrators can configure pass types, limits, and rules within the eHallPass system to meet their specific needs.

Is there a way to track misuse or abuse of passes?

Yes, eHallPass provides detailed logs and reports that help identify patterns of misuse or abuse, allowing schools to take corrective actions.


By leveraging the diverse types of hall passes available through eHallPass, schools can significantly improve security, operational efficiency, and record-keeping. The comprehensive use of eHallPass features enables schools to better manage student movements, enhance safety, and maintain a well-organized educational environment.

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